5 thoughts on “What carbon bubble?

  1. Burning carbon based fuels is dangerous to all living things. Only a bit less dangerous than nuclear power plants. These are the two worst ways to produce the energy that we need.

  2. “These are the two worst ways to produce the energy that we need.”

    Without these two ways, all the trees would be gone and the planet would be a desert in short order. Are you insane?

  3. Kong, trees are also carbon-based fuels, so Im is correct in saying that we shouldn’t burn them either.
    We need to wean ourselves off non-renewables.
    It won’t be easy at first, but it must be done.
    The problem is that the oiligopoly owns our political system, and pollutes that system even worse than it pollutes the air.

  4. Major Kong, think about sulight and solar panels. Think about the action of the waves of the ocean. Think about the wind that blows. Think about flowing rivers. Think about the steam that escapes through the crust of the earth. Think about….well, you get the idea. “Are you insane?” That depends on who you ask.

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