2 thoughts on “The right thing

  1. Still, there is something strange about the food in Trader Joe’s. I just can’t bring myself to shop there anymore.

    I will stick with the giant DeKalb Farmer’s Market and the Whole Foods (Whole Paycheck!)

    Yes, we do have those in ‘lanta, Jawja.

  2. TJ’s often over-spices its food, which makes me suspect that they are trying to mask the taste of inferior ingredients.
    I’m annoyed that they sometimes discontinue some of their better products, like cracked wheat sourdough rolls. (Most of their other breadstuffs are not very good.)

    But I generally like the place and its grad-student philosphy regarding prices and interesting products, & have been shopping there for about 45 years. Their prior attitude regarding the farmworkers was very disappointing, to say the least.

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