4 thoughts on “Suggestions?

  1. The music at my wedding for the Bride/Groom 1st dance was Taylor Dayne’s “I’ll Always Love You” (not the same tune as Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” that we can expect to hear so many times in the next few weeks). However, the woman who chose the song and pledged that she believed it too soon (or not soon enough?) said “psyche!”, leading to a divorce.

    Since that time, I’ve preferred adding songs to “My Greatest F-You Songs” in her honor.
    – Motley Crue – “Girl, Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)”
    – U2 – “One”, “With or Without You”
    – Cee Low – “Forget You” or the original non-PG rated version
    – Meredith Brooks – “I’m a Bitch” (the ex- did become one… big-time)
    – Foo Fighters – “Best of You” (not truly an F-You song, but you get the idea)
    – Weird Al – “Since You’ve Been Gone”
    – Bruce Springsteen – “Brilliant Disguise”
    – Harry Nilsson – “You’re Breaking My Heart” (lyrics – http://www.metrolyrics.com/youre-breaking-my-heart-lyrics-harry-nilsson.html)


  2. Una Bhan, Donal Og, and that thing from “La Boheme” about her “cold little hand”….

    Actually, every damn song from “La Boheme.

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