4 thoughts on “Awful

  1. But her eyes are so dreamy and Stepford-like!

    Yeah, she’s pretty odious. Just another capitalist sock puppet. She is engaged to Citigroup executive David Rubulotta. Just another imperial whore.

  2. Really? I don’t even bother not holding it against older people when they spout off at the mouth like this is still 1963, when young people have any realistic future ahead of them. Every boomer I’ve ever met refuses to acknowledge that maybe, you know, things are different now than when they grew up. They all think rent is still cheap, college is still affordable, and decent-paying jobs are plentiful.

    Because saying stupid, myopic shit isn’t nearly as tied to age as some people like to pretend it is. A different perspective isn’t actually a better one.

  3. Is al Qaeda joining the Syrian opposition in the civil war against Assad? Probably. The leader of al Qaeda, Egyptian Ayman al-Zawahiri, said two weeks ago that Assad was the leader of a, “pernicious, cancerous regime,” who should be removed from power. On one side of this civil war we have the United States, al Qaeda, the Sunni’s, the EU, and Israel. On the other side we have Russia, China, the Shiites, Iran, the Syrian Christians and the Aliwites. Al Qaeda also joined the U.S. and NATO in getting rid of Gaddafi in Libya. How interesting.

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