The new GOP Medicare plan

Rich Eskow explains it all for you:

Coburn and Burr don’t even pretend to show how their anti-Medicare plan – excuse me, “choice” plan – will save money. They just say this:

We do not yet have a concrete, specific amount of “savings” outlined, but we believe our proposal could save between $200 billion and $500 billion over a decade.

Well, I do not yet have a concrete, specific schedule, but I believe that “monkeys” will fly out of my butt any moment now, and that there will be somewhere between two hundred and eight hundred of these aeronautical primates by the time the process concludes.

Burr and Coburn want you to believe that they can raise the Medicare eligibility age, make you pay more in premiums, turn your health care over to the same insurers that are bankrupting you before you’re sixty-five (if you’re lucky enough to have insurance) – and that somehow you’ll save money!

Go read the ludicrous details.

One thought on “The new GOP Medicare plan

  1. What garbage from Burr and Coburn! I think #8 gave me the biggest laugh: “money is fungible, blah, blah, and more blah”. I see the old bait and switch game in alive and well inside these crooks’ craniums. Lipstick on a pig is still……….

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