Logic vs. Bill Keller

No contest.

Keller wrote this morning:

Here’s the paradox the documentaries have overlooked so far: The most palpable legacy of the WikiLeaks campaign for transparency is that the U.S. government is more secretive than ever.

As Marcy points out:

All the non-WikiLeaks leaks allegedly took place before Manning’s. All were formally charged before Manning, and all but two men were arrested before Manning.

And yet Bill Keller, in a demonstration of his typical reporting skill though not Newtonian physics, suggests that WikiLeaks caused the crackdown on leaks.

WikiLeaks can’t be the reason the government has cracked down so harshly, because most of the crackdown preceded the key WikiLeaks publications.

One thought on “Logic vs. Bill Keller

  1. most of the crackdown preceded the key WikiLeaks publications

    is that really true? i mean, i agree that there was a lot of secrecy before wikileaks released the cables. but it’s also pretty clear that there has been a whole lot of new levels of secrecy since cablegate broke (for example, the u.s. military intranet can no longer be used to access diplomatic cables). the post-cablegate changes have really complicated a lot of things, and made it harder for the diplomatic arm of the u.s. government to communicate with the military.

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