3 thoughts on “Payroll tax cut

  1. If….if…if. If Obama is reelected than all of this handwringing is a waste of time. If some Republican becomes our next president than watch out. But that would be the case regardless. The Social Security Insurance system needs repair. The best way to make that repair would be to lift the income cap from its present ceiling and include all earned income. 12.4% of a $1 million dollars is a lot of money. Obama is keeping this issue alive until after the election. Good for him.

  2. i thought it was a good idea when the president proposed it be paired with a millionaires surtax. replacing the regressive payroll tax that hits wage-earners with funding from the 1% makes sense to me. of course, the administration immediately dropped the surtax idea as soon as the GOP gave them a funny look. for weeks the whole discussion was about “how will we fund the payroll tax cut?” but then suddenly the compromise was reached and the answered turned out to be “we won’t”

  3. snuzy, don’t we all fall into the Republicans trap when we call it a tax? F.I.C.A. Federal Insurance ‘Contribution’ Act. Isn’t it an insurance premium or contribution? Shouldn’t it be seen differently than a tax is?

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