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  1. Funny how the traitors let their true feelings be known when a fringe right-wing nutjob passes away: Ms. Huffington praised him for “his passion, his exuberance, his fearlessness.” (taken from the post)

    I guess Arianna thought she could publicly praise his cold dead ass now as if no one alive really gives a shit since the idiot is gone: WRONG, Ms. Huffington!

  2. The MCM (Mainstream Corporate Media) descriptions of Breitbart’s video stings were amazingly fact and context free. Actually, the only reporter I saw/heard who came out and said Breitbart unfairly edited the ACORN videos was Howard Kurtz appearing on NewsHour last night, and that comment was remarkable brief. Most did mention, some more, uh, subtly than others, that Breitbart clearly lied by omission with his attack video on Shirley Sherrod. But concerning ACORN, none of the reports mentioned clearly how very unfair Breitbart’s editing was. Most concluded with the Anthony Weiner take-down.

    Here’s the brief discussion by Kurtz on NewsHour (video and transcript):

    HOWARD KURTZ: Andrew Breitbart was a passionate warrior for conservative causes. And that fervor came through every time I interviewed him. And he really was a creature of the Internet, because being able to directly broadcast, in effect, to millions of people online enabled him to bypass the mainstream media.

    But Breitbart was also a guy who delighted in going too far. So, for example, he was the one who put up the undercover video in that sting against the community group ACORN which turned out later to have been edited, and the famous — or infamous, I should say, deceptively edited video of the federal worker Shirley Sherrod, made it look like she was giving a racist speech, when then she was actually making the opposite point. (My emphasis)

    He didn’t — he wasn’t big on apologizing when he pushed the envelope like that.

    I guess the new NPR policy of eschewing equivalence in favor or facts doesn’t apply to early coverage of people who die, especially those who die young…and doubly especially to those are conservatives.

  3. Question: I’m positive we used to be able to use blockquote tags, but they’re not working. Is there an alternative? This is the second time my blockquotes didn’t get indented. Maybe they’re being, uh, like, blocked?

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