5 thoughts on “Tennessee stud

  1. I got to see Doc(and Merle) several times when i was a teens in Atlanta at the Great SE Music Hall and at several blue grass festivals. SWEET memories! Fine picking!

  2. Isn’t Doc still alive? I’m looking at Boohunney’s comment above and we were probably at the same shows at the Great Southeast Music Hall. I remember seeing Doc and Merle there a couple of times and once I saw Doc with Gove Scrivenor. They were great shows and you could buy buckets of beer at the music hall. Good times back then!

  3. Yeah, Merle was killed when a tractor he was driving rolled over on him. I have some recordings of Doc with his grandson, Richard who is very good in his own right!

  4. Tommy! Gove is one of my favorites! Yep, the tractor got Merle. 🙁
    I remember when the Sex Pistols had their first show there. Couldn’t get a ticket.
    The Great SE Music Hall was a hoot. I guess what was so cool about it was it wasn’t big at all and had a big sound.

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