One thought on “Thinking cap

  1. Me too.

    I had an experience similar to what this reporter describes and it lasted about 3 weeks, fading gradually. It happened when I still had residual thyroid tissue after my thyroidectomy, and I was preparing for a whole body scan so I was given shots of a genetically developed drug which cause the body to allow thyroid stimulation hormones to function again even with suppressive levels of synthetic thyroid (otherwise, those hormones are strictly suppressed to prevent them from causing any remaining cancer cells to grow).

    So, I had real thyroid hormones being produced by the remnant tissues coordinating with the synthetic thyroid hormones I have to take to both suppress the thyroid stimulating hormones and, well, stay alive. The effect was breathtaking: I felt for the first time in a long, long time the ability to function fully on what I was doing, I felt that I could see all the issues involved in a decision and it was easy, simple to come to what I felt comfortable with as being the best decision (usually I dither, looking at all sides, seeing benefits from each possible decision, sometimes not making any decision). I got more accomplished in those three weeks than I had in months, it even seemed like years.

    I also slept better and awoke more easily, feeling really rested.

    As the effect began to wear off, it was like getting into a traffic jam in my head.

    I look back at that as my goal for well-being. I asked my first endo what could be done to get to that state again; he told me it wasn’t possible, that I had to get used to my “new normal.”

    So, yeah, I do so want one of these “thinking caps.” Or bettter yet find a way to get back to that state of such easy thinking and organizing….

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