5 thoughts on “Proud Mary

  1. Per the LATimes report, Mary Brown and her husband’s repair business has failed and they owe $60,000 in consumer debt, which includes $4,485 in medical bills mentioned in the linked post.

    As The Times’ David Savage reported, Brown and her husband have fallen on hard times since filing the lawsuit, largely because their auto repair business in Florida failed. The couple have filed for bankruptcy protection, asking a federal court to wipe out close to $60,000 in consumer debts. Significantly, their unpaid bills include $2,750 owed to a local hospital and physicians group and $1,735 to out-of-state medical specialists.

    Is Florida a state which protects a person’s house from being used to pay off bills during bankruptcy?

  2. Bill Maher had a short piece of a film made by Pelosi’s daughter, who does really good work, asking people in Mississippi how they felt about Obama. These folks said that he was a Muslim who was taking away their right to live in poverty. And that if reelected he would take away their right to kill small animals to eat. Mississippi is the poorest state in the nation, with the worst public school system and is run by Republicans. What else can you say?

  3. Whether it’s Mary Brown’s misfortune or the plight of the Mississippi poor, these comments are long on schadenfreude and damn short of empathy. Maybe that’s why our liberal prescriptions fail to find a following?

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