by Susie

Fortunately for me, I’ve never been able to wear cheap jewelry because it has lead, nickel and all kinds of unpleasant stuff in it. I have some old silver I’ve collected over the years (at least, since my house was robbed some years back) and if I find some cute cheap earrings, I swap out the hooks with the sterling version.

But really, I’d rather poke needles in my eyes than wear the cheap stuff. I break out, itch and ooze for days.

One thought on “Bling

  1. I am also a member of the “sensitive skin club.” I go bling free most of the time, except for earrings.
    When I was selling salvage everything, if it was costume jewelry, the exporters would raise all kinds of questions about the metal content. I guess the places that jewelry was going, there were concerns for their people.

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