2 thoughts on “Oh goody

  1. Part of Ryan’s plot to save America from the “Draconian” (his word) $110 billion dollar funding cut the the military will suffer due to sequestration will be to cut $110 billion from social programs instead. Watch out Grandma, the Republicans are coming for you!

  2. 2014 — The year, if Ryan has his way, all Medicare recipients will be folded into the Federal employees’ health insurance plan. And with millions of older and very old and very, very old people in it, the rates will soar for Federal employees.

    So, Ryan will get to kill two programs with one change of legislation.

    But it will be a triumph of privatization.

    And Sen. Lindsey Graham says, “Just trust us. It’ll be great.”

    So, what’s coming is a massive breaking of the social contract. And…Obama…will fight for…what?

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