Trayvon Martin

by Susie
What a relief that this killing will not get covered up:

The U.S. Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division and the FBI will step in to investigate the killing of Miami Gardens teenager Trayvon Martin, the U.S. Department of Justice announced late Monday.

The announcement coincided with a statement from Florida Gov. Rick Scott asking the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to offer “appropriate resources” in the case.

The federal and state agencies are intervening in what attorneys call a botched investigation into the killing of the Michael Krop Senior High School student, who was killed Feb. 26 in Sanford, a town of 55,000 just north of Orlando. The teen, on suspension from school, was staying at his father’s girlfriend’s house when he stepped out to 7-Eleven to buy candy and iced tea.

A neighborhood watch volunteer with a long history of calling in everything from open garage doors to “suspicious characters” called police to say he spotted someone who looked drugged, was walking too slowly in the rain, and appeared to be looking at people’s houses. Zimmerman sounded alarmed, because the stranger had his hand in his waistband and had something in his other hand.

The unarmed teen carried Skittles and Arizona iced tea.

6 thoughts on “Trayvon Martin

  1. Another sad case of a trigger-happy white boy looking to justify his existence by wiping out that of a young kid of color who looked suspicious because he’s out at night eating Skittles—-and, oh yeah, he’s got something else in his pocket. Glad the MSM got hold of the case: Mr.Zimmerman should be indicted on a Murder one charge asap.

  2. Another issue here is the ridiculous “Stand Your Ground” law that Florida enacted in 2005 at the urging of the NRA. Under this law it is legal to blow someone away if they’re standing in front of you screaming and waving their arms. As long as you feel threatened. Even if the sreamer is unarmed. In most states you have to back up in that situation, and you can only legally kill the screaming, arm waving “evil-doer” if they display a weapon (not Skittles and ice tea) of some kind and then threaten you with bodily harm. Obviously Florida is much futher along in its police state metamorphosis.

  3. Injustice is injustice regardless of whatever foolish and insane laws are on the books. Mr. Zimmerman was wrong………….period!

  4. This will get worse and then we’ll see whether it gets better. The county attorney is convening a local grand jury to cover up the cover up. It’s said that a determined prosecuter can get a grand jury to indict a hamsalad sandwich; and that’s mostly true. But a prosecutor who wants to sanitize a racist investigation can get a No Bill from behind closed doors with even less effort. In the election cycle will a black President who needs Florida in play allow a civil rights prosecution to be brought over the “verdict” of a white grand jury?

  5. You’re 100% correct, llness, Obama won’t dare touch this mess with a 10 foot pole. He will, however, dispatch every agency and surrogate at his disposal to pusue whatever Federal Civil Rights laws that may have been violated.

    But aside from the President, most folks with any degree of compassion and plain old common sense realize this was a cold bloded MURDER of an unarmed minor! (A final point to ask: would there have been an arrest by now had the shooter been black and the victim white?)

  6. looking at this sad tradgy story had me cryin for two i cant help but say this person had a good life untill someone took his lise. now im thinkin about how to rember and to know trayvon did not have to leave this world.what i think is that george zimmeron should get a death sentange or some but he should have never shot an improthant person and to know that as a young teenager for me in gonna represent him in my city.

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