4 thoughts on “SCOTUS on ACA

  1. Maybe the Democrats shouldn’t have passed a POS law that didn’t do 9/10ths of what they’d been promising it would do for over a decade, that didn’t help anything more than a percentage rounding error of people, and that was and has always been massively unpopular.

    Your best hope is corruption. Maybe the 12 Corporatists sitting on the SC will decide that funneling money to the insurance companies to provide insurance nobody can even use is too good a deal to pass up. Because otherwise, they’re going to strike this down and the Republican party won’t suffer 1% worth of backlash from it.

  2. The analysis makes sense and most of what I have read predicts that ACA will be upheld. But read down to the dilemma faced by the 51 year old male in the private insurance markets in California. How does the industry deal with his moderate cholesterol problem? Three companies deny altogether and one quotes $15,000 per year for single coverage. So pre-existing conditions have been abolished in the health insurance sector. YEAH, RIGHT.

  3. Saw Dahlia on Kieth tonight—-she’s awesome! She’s coming back on Tuesday nite w/Kieth to further explain what went on during Tuesdays session, which is supposed to be the down and dirty day of basic arguements for or against.

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