Good news

I think some of you will be very happy about this:

People who eat chocolate regularly tend to be thinner, new research suggests.

The findings come from a study of nearly 1,000 US people that looked at diet, calorie intake and body mass index (BMI) – a measure of obesity.

It found those who ate chocolate a few times a week were, on average, slimmer than those who ate it occasionally.

Even though chocolate is loaded with calories, it contains ingredients that may favour weight loss rather than fat synthesis, scientists believe.

Despite boosting calorie intake, regular chocolate consumption was related to lower BMI in the study, which is published in Archives of Internal Medicine.

UPDATE: But then, maybe not so good…

2 thoughts on “Good news

  1. Perhaps people who tend to put on weight just try to NOT eat chocolate, while those who have no problem controlling their weight fell free too what they like in moderation.

  2. So Cathy is right, and hollow chocolate has no calories?

    News you can use, just in time for Easter!

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