Would a white, pointed hoodie be OK?

by Odd Man Out
From Truthdig:

Members of the New York City Council have worn them. Players on the Miami Heat were photographed wearing them. Numerous celebrities have donned them. And on Wednesday, Rep. Bobby Rush, D-Ill., was escorted from the House floor for wearing one while addressing members of Congress over the killing of Trayvon Martin, the unarmed Florida teenager who was gunned down last month…

3 thoughts on “Would a white, pointed hoodie be OK?

  1. One wonders if George Zimmerman’s father Robert, the retired Virginia Supreme Court Magistrate Judge, or his mother Gladys, the court clerk, are wearing a hoodie when they are talking to Republican Florida State Attorney Norman Wolfinger about how best to orchestrate a not guilty verdict for their son? That is if Zimmerman, a man with serious daddy issues, is ever put on trial.

  2. If George Zimmerman had been following Trayvon in bedsheets but unarmed and Trayvon shot him, Trayvon would be in jail pending trial.

  3. Oh yeah, Amerikkka has always loved hoodies that were white, pointy, covered the entire face of the owner, except, of course for the two cutouts for the eyes. The cutouts meant you could see THEM, but THEY couldn’t see YOU—–then, you could always take your seat in the U.S. House wearing your normal shit and not be asked to leave by the Seargent At Arms.

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