One thought on “Easier said than done

  1. Love this song SOOO much…I was a Marine brat as a kid, and my mom worked as a non-commisioned secretary at Camp LeJeune, NC, where my stepfather was stationed. The lead singer of the Essex, Anita Humes, was a co-worker, and the rest of the Essex, all Marines, were stationed there as well. Anita was ecstatic when the album came out, and gave copies to all her friends in the office.

    There are a few other great tracks on the album, too…”A Walkin’ Miracle” springs to mind. The UK label Sequel put out a nice compilation of (I think) their complete recorded output about fifteen years ago.

    I love the just-barely flat bass vocal part on the song…it wouldn’t be as good without it. Mom still has the album, autographed by Anita, but it’s a scratchy mess from the both of us playing it all the time. She still has fond memories of Anita, who died far too young in May 2010.

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