3 thoughts on “The jackpot is Arianna’s — all of it

  1. Oh.
    Yes. I write for free to get my chops down.
    But, that is not cool as far “the Post” goes.
    Let’s face it, it is the Drudge report for the left.
    I can get to the wire stories easier there. Just sayin’.
    We, on the left, at my house, do imitations of the “A” lady.

  2. In my case, it’s stress relief. I blog and I jog. Yes, I get wire stories through Huffpo, too. It’s liberal, but not leftist. Huffington is too shrewd for that. She moved it closer to the so-called center, adding all sorts of innocuous crap, after hooking up with AOL. Even before that. The term “limousine liberal” fits her, although it certainly wouldn’t have fit in the 1990s, when she was way out in right field.

  3. I go there almost every day because it’s semi-comprehensive, but it annoys me on many levels:

    Sensationalistic and uninformative headlines.
    Too much celebrity fluff.
    Too many trivial stories.
    Poor arts coverage.
    Too many pictorial top-ten listings lacking real info.

    And Zsa-Zsarianna is a real piece of work personally.

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