3 thoughts on “Every time you walk into the room

  1. I love Jackie––there’s a great CD that came out about 15 years ago called “What The World Needs Now–The Definitive Collection” that’s well worth looking for. Jackie doing rockabilly, playing with Jimmy Page, Bacharach, and more, and it’s all wonderful.

    George Harrison was a big fan–there’s a great photo of the two of them playing “Monopoly” when she toured with the Fabs–and he really loved the 12-string guitar sounds she used, especially in the intro to this song. And it came to me one day, while playing the Beatles’ “What You’re Doing”, that the 12-string intro to that is very like the intro to “Every Time…” played kinda sideways. YMMV, but I’d like to think it was a little tribute to Jackie.

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