Coke cuts ties with ALEC

By Odd Man Out

Bad news for ALEC is good news for voters. You won’t hear anything about the sinister right-wing group in the mainstream press, but an encouraging story about it appeared yesterday in ThinkProgress:

Prompted by a petition campaign by the progressive advocacy group Color of Change, Coca-Cola has pulled its support from ALEC, a right-wing corporate-funded front group which has been pushing voter restriction efforts around the country…

Impressively, Coke’s retreat came just five hours after Color of Change announced its petition, which read: “ALEC has pushed voter ID laws which disenfranchise large numbers of Black voters. Along with the NRA, ALEC also pushed a bill based on Florida’s ‘shoot first’ law – which has shielded Trayvon Martin’s killer from justice – into two dozen states across the country.”

One thought on “Coke cuts ties with ALEC

  1. The Federalist Society. Good for Coke? Although ALEC is a serious problem, the Federalist Society is a grave danger to our freedom. Federal appellate judge Jerry Smith of the 5th Ciruit is a member of the Federalist Society. Jerry is the guy who came unglued when Obama questioned the sanity of Kennedy and Roberts. Then ordered Holder to explain WTF was going on in a term paper he demanded be on his desk by Thursday noon. The Federalist Society is an organization made up of extreme right wing types. Some might even call them judicial Fascists. Most of the Federalist Society judges sitting on the bench today were put there by Bush. They are ideologues first and impartial jurists second. Which is why corporations are now people who can buy the political system right before our very eyes. In a word they are dangerous. Dangerous to what’s left of our republic.

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