What mortgage fraud probe?

By Odd Man Out

I’m wondering if Eric Schneidermann has become another victim of the DOJ body snatchers:

According to Mike Gecan and Arnie Graf of the Metro Industrial Areas Foundation, part of the nation’s largest network of multi-faith community organizations, President Obama’s mortgage fraud task force — which was announced during this year’s State of the Union and is headed by New York Attorney General Eric Schneidermann (D-NY) — still has “no office, no phones, no staff, and no executive director…”

… A recent report showed that mortgage foreclosure scams have spiked 60 percent in 2012, while the nation’s biggest banks continue to sit upon a slew of fraudulent mortgage documents. A recent investigation of foreclosures in San Francisco found that nearly all of them had legal problems or suspicious documents, prompting the city council to suggest a foreclosure moratorium.

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