2 thoughts on “Marat Sade

  1. I always admired Judy for recording this medley, even though it isn’t in her “fach” (as opera people might say).

  2. I got chills listening to this — starting at the beginning and throughout. I loved it when she came out with it.

    I saw a production of Marat Sade performed by the Milwaukee Repertory Theater (or its predecessor) at its early venue, an intimate theater in the round on the East Side of Milaukee near the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. It was stunning. Searing. Moving. Thought provoking. Some of the scenes are still vivid when I think of that experience.

    T/U, Susie, for posting this here. This, or part of it, and “Do You Hear the People Sing” from Les Mis, should be anthems of Occupy Wall Street.

    Can you imagine the protesters singing, marching toward bastions of power? Oh, let hear the people sing! (Be sure to hand out the words, eh?)

    We want –and desperately need— a revolution NOW.

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