One thought on “Earth Day

  1. i’ve been disappointed in the decline in attitude toward the environment from everyone starting with Barack Obama and ending up with myself. No one is doing anything meaningful about it on a global to local level so we’re GOING to have big problems until we die and the coming generations WILL have it WORSE until the planet won’t support anywhere near the 7 billions we have inhabiting it now.
    There isn’t any more time to act – we should have acted back in the 60’s and 70’s but corporations and people making money on the way it is (“go ahead and pollute the hell out of the biosphere, we can’t do any damage to the world!”) got together with the people in power to KEEP it this way, stupid as it is, so that we’ve essentially painted ourselves into a corner with no way out. Now it doesn’t matter what we do, every year we delay a global change in the status quo, the worse it’s going to get. i’m so pessimistic that i actually believe that the human race is on its way to extinction due to our ignorance and refusal to change our lazy, sloppy, greedy, uncaring, evil ways.

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