Not all that reassuring, is it?

The fight to ban genetically modified foods has won more converts — some employees of Monsanto the company that is doing the most to promote GM products.

The Independent newspaper reports that there is a notice in the cafeteria of the Monsanto pharmaceutical factory is High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, advising customers “as far as practicable, GM soya and maize (has been removed) from all food products served in our restaurant. We have taken the steps to ensure that you, the customer, can feel confident in the food we serve.”

The notice was posted by the Sutcliffe Catering Group.

Monsanto confirms the authenticity of the notice, but company spokesman Tony Coombes says the only reason for the GM-free foods is because the company “believes in choice.” Coombes says in other Monsanto locations employees are happy to eat GM foods because they are “sprayed with fewer chemicals.”

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  1. I’ve only just started reading and will go back to finish as soon as I say this: The United States won’t even require LABELING to show genetic modification. I understand that’s because if LABELING is permitted people wouldn’t buy it.

    And who has Obama appointed to the FDA? Monsanto executive Michael Taylor. Fascinating.

    And who has Obama appointed as America’s Chief Agriculture Negotiator?
    Former Monsanto lobbyist Islam Siddiqui. Again, fascinating.

  2. P.S. This article, in places, sounds as if it was translated from Japanese, into English, and back to Japanese again. Then back to English.

    Not to mention that it really should have been written by the Onion.

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