2 thoughts on “BP arrest

  1. Two points. Why do we assume that this clown wasn’t just acting alone to save his own hide. Do you honestly believe that Obama clears every moronic statement that Hillary makes to her counter-parts overseas? Or that Obama knows about every stupid action that Sullivan’s idiot Secret Service agents will take in Columbia or elsewhere? Or that Obama knows that his commanders on the ground in Afghanistan will permit their troops to piss on the dead or burn Korans? The second point is that law enforcement often nabs a “weak sister” and then puts pressure on them to rollover on higher ups.

  2. Also, his arrest might be an attempt to pressure him to cooperate. In cases like this it is not unusual to start down low and work your way up the food chain. I would guess that he hasn’t cooperated to date, and if he goes to trial and is convicted, his sentencing might be significantly delayed while they ask him to testify against his bosses. If he cooperates, the prosecutor recommends a lighter sentence.
    Could be.

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