The Live Within Your Means party

Poor Republicans! Nobody likes you and you smell funny. Guess that’s why no one’s donating enough money to pay your bills – at least, not enough to feed your delusions of grandeur:

ST. PAUL, Minn. — Minnesota’s debt-plagued Republican Party has been served with an eviction notice for its party headquarters after failing to pay its rent payments since August.

The party’s landlord filed the notice last week in Ramsey County court and it is scheduled to be heard next Tuesday.

Minnesota Republican Party Chairman Pat Shortridge told party members in a memo Thursday that officials are trying to renegotiate the lease to get one that better fits space and cost needs.

You mean, like a mortgage cramdown? MORAL HAZARD!!!! What incentive do you have to pay your bills unless you get kicked to the curb for renting a place that’s too big? It’s your own damned fault!

The GOP has 21 months remaining on a lease with Hub Properties Trust for space a block from the state Capitol.

Shortridge revealed that the rent hadn’t been paid in eight months.

The Minnesota GOP owes hundreds of thousands of dollars to various vendors.

6 thoughts on “The Live Within Your Means party

  1. You missed the most delightful part of the story! With all of this pending, the hand picked Executive Committee awarded the Party Chair a 100,000 per year salary for creating these conditions. Now where have we seen that before?

  2. Why doesn’t Michelle Bachman dip into her campaign coffers and help out her state party?

  3. Izquierdo, actually Tea party darling Michelle B is herself in debt from her epic fail campaign. Classy huh?

  4. If everything goes according to their playbook, the MN GOP will next blame Obama for causing their rental woes.

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