Fox News mole raided

You can pretty much sum up my reaction with the last paragraph:

UPDATE: Fox News “mole” Joe Muto reportedly woke up Wednesday to an early morning raid from the New York District Attorney’s office.

At around 8:30 a.m., Muto tweeted: “I just got search warranted at 6:30am by a very polite crew from the DA’s office. Took my iPhone, laptop, some old notebooks.”

The former O’Reilly Factor producer turned Gawker double agent says that, according to the warrant, Fox News is “apparently accusing me of grand larceny, amongst other things.”

The DA’s office declined to comment on the open investigation to Forbes and other outlets.

Gawker confirmed earlier this month that Fox News attorneys had notified them that they were considering legal action against both the website and Muto, so the search likely didn’t come as a complete surprise to Muto.

Meanwhile, the ex-Fox News employee offered one more parting shot at his former employer and its parent company, News Corp.: “I should have done something more innocuous, like hacked a dead girl’s phone and interfered with a police investigation.”