Saving us from brown people

It really is peculiar, how fixated these right-wing types are on illegal immigrants:

Neo-Nazi and border vigilante JT Ready, who authorities said carried out a mass murder-suicide near Phoenix this week, was the target of a federal domestic terrorism investigation at the time of the incident, the head of the FBI’s Phoenix office revealed late Friday.

James Turgal, the special agent in charge of the FBI in Phoenix, told an Arizona television station the probe had been active less than five years and that investigators were looking into whether Ready was involved in a series of shootings of immigrants in the desert there.

“It’s a criminal domestic terrorism investigation,” Turgal told reporter Brahm Resnik of television station KPNX, “and we define that as individuals or oganizations who are engaging or conspiring to engage in criminal activity in order to affect either social or political change.”

One thought on “Saving us from brown people

  1. Thanks, Suze, missed this one. We in the City Beautiful also rank among the highest in meanness towards homeless humans. We’re #1!!!

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