Bon appetit

Don’t eat Gulf seafood:

A new study has concluded that the FDA severely underrated the risk of contaminants in seafood following the BP oil spill of 2010, according to Environmental Health Perspectives (via Alternet).

The report, conducted by non-governmental scientists, says that 53 percent of Gulf shrimp samples tested revealed “levels above concern” of carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).

Some cases showed carcinogenic levels up to 10,000 times more than what is considered safe.

This leaves pregnant women, children and big seafood eaters at risk to develop issues stemming from the consumption of these chemicals. Prenatal exposure to PAHs has been shown to lower IQs and increase the risk of asthma, heart malformations and low birth weight.

The researchers at the Natural Resources Defense Council also included internal FDA emails — procured using the Freedom of Information Act — that showed a concerted effort to downplay the effects of the contaminants. Emails also showed decisions to ignore alarms raised by FDA staff concerning this issue.

The report calls on the FDA to update their current risk assessment of seafood.

In response, the FDA says that setting higher protective health measures will “do more harm than good,” since people would have to remove more food from their home than necessary. Both the NRDC and Alternet have noted that there was no scientific backing provided for this claim.

7 thoughts on “Bon appetit

  1. Probably a good idea to stay away from the North Atlantic seafood as well. And with a man-made volcano dumping as yet formally specified radioactive fallout into the atmosphere and waters in Japan stay away from Northern Pacific seafood. Sucks, seafood is pretty much the only meat I eat.

    The stunning swiftness with which we are destroying the only world we have to live on lends a great deal of credibility to the Atlantean legend. All this talk about our grand-children yet I can’t help but wonder if we’ll even make it that far.

  2. yeah, because throwing out an extra bag of shrimp is way more harmful than getting cancer.

    and no one will ever be held liable since corps. always win with the you can’t prove causality argument.

  3. Someone should send complimentary boxes of Gulf shrimp to the executives and directors of BP. They should be composed of deformed examples, cleaned and butterflied before freezing to hide the flaws.

  4. Well, heckuvajob, Lisa, for the EPA portion.

    But, heckuvajob to you too, Dr. Margaret Hamburger, FDA comm.

    Wonder what her nickname is? Patty? Heh.

  5. So Obama has his very own Minerals Management Service now: the FDA. Surprise, surprise its about the money again. And even if you prove causation, the food industry will hide behind the FDA approval to preeempt your lawsuit dd. You can always shit on the serfs.

  6. The shrimp and other seafood at the grocery store don’t label where it came from. How would one know?

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