3 thoughts on “Lockerbie

  1. Years ago, the BBC presented a long form report on who was behind the Lockerbie bombing. It tracked down every known lead, finding that it was nearly impossible for Libya to have been behind the act.

    I can’t recall the details, but it was compelling evidence. The BBC reporter came to conclusion that it had been set up by Iran, most likely in retaliation for the US shooting down one of its passenger airplanes. The evidence presented by the West simply did not lead to Libya.

    But the US, the West, chose to have a villain of their cjoice, and at that time Gaddafi was fitted up to be that villain. Eventually, a deal was worked out that he would give up one of his people, lots of money, his nuke program, and be recognized by the West and finally be rehabilitated. He helped Sarkozy win the French election, but, alas, he could not contain his tendency to act contrary to Western objectives (leave the petrodollar??!!!). And…then there’s the rest of the story. And Gaddafi’s death and Libya becoming hard Islamic.

    Heckuva job, Sarky, Obama, and other Westies.

  2. jawbone, don’t forget the strange death of Zia-al-Haq the President of Pakistan when that C-130 Hercules he was riding in crashed and burned on August 17, 1988. Ronald Reagan was a very bad man.

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