White people

So I wrote this post over at C&L, and the usual suspects are going wild.

Why? I said the very controversial thing that maybe white working class voters had reasons other than racism for not supporting Obama, and that maybe Obama should deliver something that would actually help them if he wanted their support.

There I go again!

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  1. Hang in there, Susie. There very well may be a hint of racism with some voters but my guess is that their mostly just pissed and Obama is in the White House. I really hope the Obama fanboys learn to examine all the possible causes for dissatisfaction or they may be in for the shock of their lives this fall.
    Oh, and the college educated who lost their jobs and are turning into entrepreneurs are going to be looking closely at who can lower their taxes since they pay everything themselves these days. If they’re racists, they’re keeping pretty well hidden.

  2. Let’s also not forget how Obama got the panama, south korea and columbia trade deals thru with Repubs’ help (what Bush couldn’t do with Dems). 0
    And we have another big clusterf*&k coming in the form Trans-pacific partnership (TPP). Watch Alyons show on RT.COM in the coming week for coverage.
    Auto bailout – true because of Obama we have something of an industry.
    But he drove down wages and benefits for workers while also raiding the retiree healthcare fund. And he didn’t even demand that GM and Chrysler stop moving jobs to Mexico etc.
    Chomsky mentioned that union workers in MA suburbs voted for Scott Brown becaase Obama’s healthcare plan sought to tax their health benefits.

    And wait – the “gem” :

  3. And don’t forget Obama’s cowardly, inexcusable decision to almost totally ignore what’s happening in Wisconsin. It’s obvious that Scott Walker’s effort to end collective bargaining was and is a key initiative in the right wing’s attempt to destroy what’s left of the New Deal, but Obama steered clear, apparently fearing he might lose the votes of independents if he took a stand. The man has no balls, no empathy, and no reason to expect widespread support from the working class in November.

  4. I read the article and it was right on. Obama’s the best president republicans could have in the white house. He’s done more for the Corporate conservative agenda in 4 years than Rethugs have accomplished in 50.

  5. And people dismiss me as a crank when I suggest that having stolen it in 2000 and rigged it in 2004, they then threw the election in 2008 – knowing that the subsequent obstructionism would force their agenda as “reasonable” to the barefoot rubes blind on Ambien, Prozac, Viagra and crotch-shots on Fox Kool-Aid.

    Frank Herbert extensively about this in Dune, beating down the populous through brutal regime so as to open the way of an ever more profitable messiah. Replete with economic jihad.

  6. I always wondered why they didn’t even try to steal it, but my conclusion is that things were so fucked up, they didn’t want to deal with it.

  7. None of the things that we want to happen will ever happen as long as we continue to support a Capitalist economic system that is run (lead) from the top down. 1% of the population owns 40% of the wealth. Every president that we will elect will represent that 1%. It doesn’t matter what that persons name is, what their color is, what gender they are, what religion or non-religion they practice, or political party they support. Having said that, white folks are racists. The 60% of the pie that the 99% of us own is being distributed in a different way today than it has been in the past. More of it is going to those of color and less of it is in the hands of white people. White people can sense that its happening and they resent it. So they become racists. Just like the good, Christian Germans blammed their economic plight on those “dirty, wealthy Jews,” in the 20’s and 30’s. The economic system needs to change for any real change to occur. As long as we continue to support Capitalism, the 1% will continue to own 40% of the wealth and we 99% will keep fucking with each other over the 60% that’s leftover.

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