Can’t touch this

Wow. Remember when we were really shocked that Richard Nixon said “the president can do whatever he wants”?

The Obama administration is set to argue to a federal appeals court Friday that the government may breach, with impunity, domestic spying laws adopted in the wake of President Richard M. Nixon’s Watergate scandal.

10 thoughts on “Can’t touch this

  1. This guy is no representative of any party I’ve supported.

    I remember when he was running in the general election, even the primaries back in ’08, and he found it nearly impossible to say the words, Democratic Party or Democrat. There was great relief and cheering when he simply used those words at the Democratic Party nominating convention.

    Lambert wrote of him taking over the Dem Party, of undertaking a leveraged buyout. It seemed merely a metaphor at the time, but, hell, he’s so far right of even Nixon it’s no longer metaphoric or even bearable.

    When will more voters realize this? I think he’s playing with fire to be so open about his leanings this close to trying to be reelected. He still has to fool most of the Dems most of the time.

    This current argument is not the play of someone who gives a damn about reelection. He’s acting like he really is an interchangeable robot with Romney.

  2. This is all quite hilarious. The Democratic Party hasn’t been the Democratic Party since they blew Kennedy’s brains all over the streets of Dallas. Just last night Bill Clinton said that “compromise is a good thing.” Like when he compromised to ship millions of American jobs overseas by passing NAFTA. Or when he compromised to eliminate the Glass-Steagall Act. Whose Democratic Party was Clinton fronting for then? Clinton also said yesterday that he was supportive of vampire venture Capitalists and that Romney has “sterling business credentials.” Does this Blue Dog compromiser represent ‘you’re’ Democratic Party? Clinton signed DOMA into law. He signed DADT into law. This is your idea of a ‘good’ leader of the Democratic Party? Let’s get real here folks.

  3. very sorry for the misspell (for those, humans reading, who don’t define their very essence as a murderous ‘political party’) I should have written: “Imhotep.”

  4. (just in case I need to qualify, I despise the ‘Clinton Dynasty.’)

  5. (and certainly, along with Despising the Bush Dynasty. From childhood, you could have fooled me, that this country (“US”) hasn’t been about a selected group of sadists who love to abuse, and hold POWER, under the auspices of “Religion” ….”Productivity” …and “Human Markets” (which aren’t really ‘markets,’…or human[e]); even though that isn’t required, to sustain life. ….I so pray that things will work out differently, …than they are looking ….)

  6. (and I am not referring to Kurzweil’s “Singularity” theorem as being the answer, amazing that so many, in this country are incarcerated for being off the hook, when someone like Kurzweil can, quite silently, garner millions (billions?) of dollars …towards the decimation of human beings, …as we know, and love them, despite our many faults.)

  7. (“them” …ourselves, …why are we giving in to ‘software’ which denies the realities of our own existence? …as if all of us should die tommorrow? …. I do want to go to rest, …but not before my natural time, …. droning is as EVIL AS IT CAN GET …..)

  8. Not anonymous:
    Your comments are tantalizing, but a little opaque and confusing.
    Could you please try to work out your message and put it into one or two replies, rather than posting 6 times in two hours on the same thread, escj time addressing your own posts rather than anyone else’s?

  9. Very sorry for the confusion and length Izquierdo, I’ll try to be clearer the next time I post, confining it to one or two responses. Have a good week!

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