2 thoughts on “Evil

  1. So why are “we the people” leaving our future up to the Capitalists—corporations, vampire venture Capitalists, bankers, etc? Where is it written that the oligarchy gets to make all of our decisions? Why are we allowing the 1% to sit on $3 trillion dollars in unspent profits just because they hate Obama’s guts? The wealthy are only “evil” because we allow them to be “evil.” Stand up straight and get them off your backs.

  2. Imhotep: How?

    With respect to the sited article, calling Greenspan “the Maestro” is ludicrous as he’s been tone-deaf about how off-key his whole “movement” has been, based on over-hyped, fictional Ayn Rand nonsense. The financial shithole we allowed the banks to dig themselves into under this clown’s “leadership” is so deep that there is no way out.

    On top of that, the environment is going to cause big problems (mainly due to man-made climate change) with respect to growing enough food for the 7 billion of us currently taking up space; while the nuclear situation we now find ourselves in can kill us all many times over if Fukushima is repeated anywhere else on the planet (and there are many nuke plants well past their design capabilities – see http://guymcpherson.com/2012/05/fukushima-denial-and-the-ethics-of-extinction/); many areas will experience years, even decades of drought (“dustbowlification”) while other places suffer from tremendous flooding – both ruining crops and peoples’ lives. Damaging storms are commonplace now with hail, tornadoes, and hurricanes all packing more intensity than “usual” and occur in ever greater numbers each year. Earthquakes (and sinkholes) and volcanic action is up all over the globe while the sun is going quadripolar and could blast us at any time with a prominance that shuts down the global energy grid, satellite communication, cell phones and computers.

    We’re on our way out as a civilization by the looks of it.

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