5 thoughts on “And your bird can sing (studio session)

  1. Whatever C. Jung’s transgressions were, I really don’t want to know, (as I have my own, which shame me, constantly), but I really think he was onto something (like billions before him, about “synchronicity” (instinct) among the human species. Your post just reminded me of Carly Simon and James Taylor, singing Mocking Bird ..and then skipped to the fact that the “Black” channel, Bounce, aired To kill a Mockingbird in the last twenty four hours. …I watched, then wrote down the line:

    Bob H…l , ..fell on his own knife …,

    as so many things have happened between the time I had an exceptionally wonderful, female ‘English’ teacher who had us read the book, and the time that my, for the most and better part, wonderful, “white” dad near wept when we watched that movie on that “blacknwhite” tv decades ago, my memory has been tormentingly overloaded, and I had forgotten that line.

    If only that had been the reality in this country (that the ‘bad guys’ always lose) things might be okay now, but it was just $$$$HollyWood$$$

  2. $$$$HollyWood$$$$, with brandjolina and clooney (both, oddly “United Nations Ambassadors” …with no say from the populace, I mean yeah, I might enjoy a movie they ‘starred’ in, but clearly, they entered that industry to be paid attention to, and pay bills, they weren’t exactly doing it for the benefit of human beings at large), with his castle in Tuscany, horrifyingly usurping reality, talk about sucking all the air from ‘a room’ …the US is all about Monarchy, always has been. Clooney, Brad and Angelina can’t be bothered with addressing the fascism in the United States?

  3. I must say (I apologize for the third comment,Izquieredo, but how can all this ghastliness be described fully, in tiny nanobites which are supposed to be shut off just as soon as the humans posting start feeling that they may BE Warming up to SAYING SOMETHING RELEVANT?) Where’s that bot, Imhotep, I guess it’s not been programmed yet, for it (“Imhotep”) to respond to any post not containing the trigger word “Obama.”

  4. (I did not post my above three comments using html boldfacing coding, as is now oddly appearing on my computer screen as I post this follow-up comment, the bold facing didn’t appear on my computer screen until I posted my last comment. …Just saying, maybe someone decided to boldface my commentary, but, it wasn’t me. It’s kind of hard to accidentaly use arrow keys, a “b” and slash when you’re writing something, and don’t intend to “boldface” it.)

  5. To further elaborate, Izquieredo, haven’t you wondered about Imhotep’s bot like Obama defense? Something odd about it? (so maybe you should focus energy on Imhotep too/also, as regards to confusing comments?) I pretty much stated that Imohtep had its tongue locked up Obama’s ass a short while ago, yet (as strident as “Imhotep” can get with the faithful defense, of the current master droner), there wasn’t so much as a peep my way, from Imohtep.

    Could it be, not at all unlikely, that “Imhotep” is yet another algorithm (oddly, there isn’t a “y” in that word, for those maybe thinking I misspelled), or something approaching it, that ISN’T EVEN HUMAN, therefor totally missing those signals which would have real humans either defending themselves, or, apologizing for their stunning cruelty?

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