5 thoughts on “Wouldn’t it be nice

  1. but apparently, surf’s up (wasn’t that an inspiring album by the Beach Boys Susie, if not sad?), we will have to wait awhile for nice. it’s getting so late.

    it is pretty horrifying, but there is such a thing as human kindness. Always will be in our human lifetimes, always has been, in our human lifetimes. what can we do.

  2. “We could be married
    And then we’d be happy…”

    In retrospect, one of the most frightening lyrics ever written.

  3. was just singing along to that in the car yesterday. actually thought it would be nice…yipes!

  4. I almost mentioned that lyric as well, Susie!

    My God, how did we ever make it through such a barrage of lies?

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