Jesus hates Jeff Sessions

Sen. Jeff Sessions is so reliably on the wrong side of the angels that you know when he pushes policy as a “moral issue,” it will be anything but.

What else would you call a $2 billion cut in food stamps during a depression? I can’t wait until he dies and he finds out Jesus hates him.

6 thoughts on “Jesus hates Jeff Sessions

  1. Jesus wouldn’t hate Jeff Sessions. Jesus didn’t hate anybody. “Love your enemy,” is what Jesus thought and said. “Turn the other cheek and pray for them.” Jeff Sessions like all of the other Republicans who do the business of the plutocrats (1%) find the poor and hungry an inconvenience. That “wasted” money used to feed, cloth, and house the poor could be better spent on the military to conquer the world. In November every Republican holding public office must be replaced.

  2. Definitely the Jesus that lives south of the Mason Dixon line would embrace Sessions…..

  3. With no access to food, I guess the poor and downtrodden masses will just have to eat the rich. 🙂

  4. What a fitting personal hell it will be when Jeff “Slash Food Stamps” Sessions is assigned to sit for all eternity next to William Jefferson “Welfare Reform” Clinton.

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