Sandusky guilty

It was highly unlikely that he was going to be acquitted, but it’s a relief that it’s over. (It was a little weird for me to watch the news coverage – the last time I saw top prosecutor Joe McGettigan, I was in high school and he was the surfer-dude big brother of my best friend. Now he looks exactly like his father did then, and that means I must be old. But I digress.) I hope that Penn State’s administrators have enough conscience to revamp their system to prevent such institutional blindness again. But weighing the well-being of children against a powerhouse football team that was a money magnet? They didn’t have a chance until this story finally broke out into the open:

(Reuters) – A jury found former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky guilty on 45 out of 48 counts in his child sex abuse trial on Friday.

Sandusky was seen escorted out of the courthouse in handcuffs. He could be sentenced to hundreds of years in prison.

The decision came after about 21 hours of deliberation over two days by a jury of seven women and five men. Nine of the 16 jurors and alternates had ties to Pennsylvania State University, and the final days of the trial drew large crowds to the Centre County Courthouse.

A large crowd gathered outside the Centre County Courthouse in central Pennsylvania to learn news of the decision. A cheer went up outside as the news was released.

The white-haired former coach faced 48 counts of sexual abuse of 10 boys over a 15-year period, sometimes at Penn State facilities.