One thought on “SCOTUS ruling

  1. And using language which is stunningly anti-union and just for they’re being unions.

    Someone commented on NPR that surely the justices will now permit shareholders (I would add all customers) to opt out of the costs of corporate lobbying, donations to superpacs, and any other politically tinged expenses. Yeah, like that’ll happen anytime soon. Repub presidents put younger on the court to keep the court as conservative as possible as long as possible.

    Alito sucks big time. But–some of the “liberal” judges went along with the decision altho’ kind of dissenting from it! From Raw Story:


    In writing the majority opinion, Justice Samuel Alito went on to state ominously, “Closely related to compelled speech and compelled association is compelled funding of the speech of other private speakers or groups.”

    Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Ruth Bader Ginsberg(!!) sided with the decision of the conservative majority but also accused them of judicial activism for using the case to raise these additional First Amendment issues that were not in the original lawsuit.

    Stephen Breyer and Elena Kagan were the only justices who dissented from the decision, on the grounds that the newly-required opt-out process would impose a burden on unions engaged in pollitical battles and would cost them both time and money.

    END QUOTE (My emphasis)

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