2 thoughts on “5 signs the U.S. is undergoing a coup

  1. The coup took place in Dallas in November 1963. The last 50 years have been epilogue. Lying our way into wars for example. The latest being this. Syria shot down a Turkish fighter plane. Under pressure from the US State Department Turkey complained about the incident to NATO, the UN and anyone else who would listen. NATO condemned Syria for being “aggressive” towards its neighbors. Turkey’s PM Erdogan said, “We are not interfering in any countries internal affairs,” so there was no justification for Syria’s action. Except that Turkey has allowed CIA operatives onto its territory to direct the flow of weapons supplied by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE, and Israel into the hands of “terrorists” trying to kill Assad and bring down his regime. “Not interfering,” really Mr. Erdogan?

  2. “And I hope the upcoming health care ruling ends up being evidence on the other side.”

    For legacy reasons, Roberts is going to defect on the ACA. Scalia’s petulance of Monday is about far more than SB 1070.

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