God said fire, not a flood next time

Colorado (and particularly the Air Force Academy) is a place where fires are frequently seen as a sign from Jesus, and not of extreme climate change. I feel sorry for those fundies, because they must think Jesus is very angry at them right now.

Yet another climate change disaster and no prominent politicians can bring themselves to connect these dots:

WOODLAND PARK, Colo. — A stubborn and towering wildfire jumped firefighters’ perimeter lines in the hills overlooking Colorado Springs, forcing frantic mandatory evacuation notices for more than 32,000 residents, including the U.S. Air Force Academy, and destroying an unknown number of homes.

Heavy smoke and ash billowed from the mountain foothills west of the city. Bright yellow and orange flames flared in the night, often signaling another home lost to the Waldo Canyon Fire, the No. 1 priority for the nation’s firefighters.

Interstate 25, which runs through Colorado Springs, was briefly closed to southbound traffic Tuesday.

“It was like looking at the worst movie set you could imagine,” Gov. John Hickenlooper said after flying over the 9-square-mile fire late Tuesday. “It’s almost surreal. You look at that, and it’s like nothing I’ve seen before.”

With flames cresting a ridge high above its breathtaking, 28-square-mile campus, the Air Force Academy told more than 2,100 residents to evacuate 600 households.

Oh, and by the way? Federal firefighters are largely temp workers – with no health insurance. Nice, huh.