‘Powerhouse intellect’

You know, while I’m not a lawyer, I’m pretty damned smart (smart enough that they made me take my 6th-grade IQ test over) and I know how to think – as foggy as my brain can be at times. And I have to say, I’ve never once thought Tony Scalia was particularly brilliant.

He reminds me of the drunken judge I used to date, someone who would talk around me in endless circles and I’d finally stop listening. (Which he always took as agreement.) Scalia’s a bully, and thinks might makes right. (In his case, he managed to appoint a president.)

As to the whole “strict constitutionalist” claim to fame – well, even if I believed it (which I don’t), the fact is, no one is capable of interpreting anything without a filter. No one. I’m well known for being maddeningly detached sometimes, but I’d never claim I wasn’t biased. Everyone is.

So we have a right-wing bully at the rhetorical wheel of the Supreme Court. Can’t wait to see what kind of twisted logic he comes up with tomorrow.