Weather report

Local weather kept saying it was supposed to be clear tonight, but the MASSIVE storm that struck D.C. area tonight was clearly headed our way on the weather radar and shortly after midnight, they finally agreed we would get hit. Finally, it’s here. Not as bad as D.C., thank God, where they had 80 mph winds and hail.

Lots of D.C. friends without power tonight, although they’re bravely carrying on with the Twitter. The power company says it will take “days” to get it back on. How the hell will they survive in this heat?

One thought on “Weather report

  1. Your last question is one that climate change people have been asking for DECADES. Nobody is changing anything policy-wise (see the recent Reo conference) so we continue to globally suffer the more severe weather in every category – heat records, drought, flooding, severe storms, polar ice melt and permafrost thaw, methane release, and severe winters will happen too.

    We’re on our way out as a species and unfortunately we’ll drag a LOT of others (plants, animals, fish, plankton, etc) with us.

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