Barbequed mystery meat

I hope you had a delicious Fourth of July. As noted in Public Citizen, “your holiday meat could be much more mysterious” next year:

If you’re looking forward to grilling up some hamburgers and hot dogs, think about this: Where does the food you’re eating come from?

That simple question is going to be a lot harder to answer after a ruling from the World Trade Organization (WTO), which decreed last week that such basic consumer information as country-of-origin labels on meat are “unfair trade barriers” to multinational corporate profits…

… It’s the third consecutive WTO attack on a popular U.S. consumer protection or information policy to go down this year. (See the attacks on dolphin-safe labels and cancer prevention through cigarette controls.)

And there was this today from a Public Citizen online petition protesting U.S. trade policy and, in particular, the Obama administration’s handling of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which some people are calling NAFTA East:

The recent WTO ruling is not merely advisory. Unlike other international institutions, the WTO packs a punch. The United States will have to abandon some hard-won labeling rules or pay to maintain them in the form of fines or sanctions.

Two decades ago, when the WTO and NAFTA were being forced on us, Public Citizen warned that this day would come.

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5 thoughts on “Barbequed mystery meat

  1. Yeah, and the prices for this processed crap keeps going up.

    Between Monsanto, buying up all the seed companies it can, genetically modifying crops and not having to label anything (due to their lobbyists) and poisoning the earth with their toxic chemicals; Big Oil being so necessary to food production and Big AG factory farming and running small farmers out of business; combined with Wall Street hedge funds influencing prices of everything including futures on food and the now corrupted “watchdog” agencies being headed by people from the very industries and corporations we’re trying to regulate and keep honest – i can’t wait til the whole thing collapses.

  2. Too much of the left doesn’t see that the global plutocracy is undermining national sovereignty and transferring power over national economies to supranational organizations in order to get them out of the reach of the people and into the exclusive control of what can only be described as capitalist tools.

    Far too many liberals think we need to intentionally disempower the nations and hand over sovereignty to those very same global bodies, well out of the reach of democracy, in order to save the planet from this threat, that threat, or the other threat, all the while ignoring the growing threat posed by a global plutocracy that fully owns and operates those institutions and through them the planet.

    Out of their vain delusions of saving the world, cosmolibs and globolibs are selling us out. Us and everyone else.

  3. You know Joseph Auclair, there is nothing wrong with the complete annihilation of ‘nationalism’ in favor of a borderless “one world government,” as long as the “global plutocracy” is taxed out of existence first. You know so that “we the people” can run the place.

  4. Dos this mean that we will no longer see labels on fish identifying their country of origie (ie, where they were caught?


    I can’t believe the EU will stand for this — don’t they carefully id where meat, poultry, fish come from? Even to the point of tracking all cattle, other foods which can carry prions which can cause Mad Cow-type diseases?

  5. BTW, Susie bringing up the Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty is an excellent example of our getting important information only through the internet.

    This thing must be stopped. Obama must be pushed to clarify his stand on this, as must Romney. I fear an Obomney thing with them both for it.

    BUT, time to begin and keep up pressure on our senators and reps.

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