6 thoughts on “Extradition

  1. Wow, how the mighty have fallen. The once great Great Britain reduced to a mere client state of the Great Satan,

  2. But Pinochet was a really good guy, a fine upstanding member of the club, ailing, recommended by St. Ronnie, on his last legs, etc.

  3. Pinochet was arrested in England on a warrant issued in Spain for crimes allegedly committed in Chile. The Chilean government opposed his extradition to Spain.

    But let’s agree that what happened with Pinochet allowed him to escape justice. How does that justify allowing Assange to escape justice as well?

    Two wrongs don’t make a right.

  4. Assange was charged with rape because he had what was consensual sex but then refused to use a condom, making it a crime in Sweden. (Just to muddy the waters, one of the accusers may or may not have ties to the intelligence community. Hard to untangle all the accusations, but the U.S. certainly wants Assange enough to play dark ops over this, so who knows?).

    While his alleged actions certainly fall into the realm of douchebagger asshole/borderline sociopath, I fail to see your binary equation of “refusing to use a condom” with mass dog rape and torture. Maybe it’s just me.

  5. He didn’t refuse to wear a condom. The complainant states that he didn’t want to wear a condom, but after persuasion he agreed to do so, and wore it. The complainant also alleges that on a subsequent occasion he deliberately damaged it – whether the “damaged” condom still exists is unclear, but it would obviously be difficult to prove when it was damaged and whether the damage was deliberate. He could have been questioned on these matters long ago, if the Swedes had condescended to visit him in the UK and interviewed him here. If they were so keen to end the “victims'” ordeal, why didn’t they?

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