Ellis tweets ill of dead DFW

James Walcott:

You literary fight fans have no doubt been following the one-sided duke-out between Bret Easton Ellis (Less Than Zero, American Psycho) and the ghost of David Foster Wallace (Infinite Jest, Pale King) which has played out on Twitter… and scattered popcorn throughout the blogosphere…

It beats following tweets about the Romneybot.

One thought on “Ellis tweets ill of dead DFW

  1. Geees, “as a fiction writer….scalding, cynical, brittle, savagely unillusioned.” Speaking of “incorrigible irony.” Israeli PM Netanyahu hates Obama’s guts. Why? Because Obama refuses to bomb the shit out of Iran and start WWIII. To retaliate Netanyahu has publicly backed his old friend Romney in his bid for the presidency. So Zionist Netanyahu and his neo-con allies are attempting to influence ‘our’ elections by joining the American Right in bashing Obama. Romney will give Netanyahu the war he demands in payment if elected. After all what’s one more war among the 1 percenters? It’s the 99% who do the dying. Yeah, I know…..”(I’m) an anti-Semite.”

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