4 thoughts on “Lehrer likened to replacement refs

  1. When you prepare for a debate with Mitt Romney and the Republicans send in a ringer, what’s a person to do? If you’re Obama you appear incredulous and “off your game.” If you’re Lehrer you look like an amateur. The Romney we saw last night wasn’t the same Romney that we’ve been watching run for the presidency over the last 18 months. This “new” Mitt sounded more like populist demagogue Huey Long than he did like conservative ideologue Ronald Reagan. That won’t bother the Right one iota because they hate Obama’s guts more than they like the lying, shape-shifter Romney. So which Mr. 1% will the Republicans program for the next debate? As “Just stop it” Ann Romney said, Mitt will say and do anything because he “hates to lose.”

  2. Replacement refs is a wonderful analogy.
    Except that Lehrer has been operating in the big leagues for decades.

  3. Imho: What a lame apologia! You rip the mask of the ringer and beat him to a pulp with the record of the last 18 months and tie him to the crazies he was pandering to. What part of Etch-a-Sketch took you by surprise?

  4. lless, it was more an indictment of the mindless Obama basher’s who will forgive any sin that Romney commits as long as Obama is not re-elected. And of those who believe that their hands are clean if they vote for a third-party candidate with no chance of being elected and Romney wins in the process. What these two groups have in common is the hatred that colors their decision making. Which as Shaw said is the,”cowards revenge for being intimidated.”

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