So Daddy is a wingnut

Am I surprised? Not really. Most 15-year-old girls are more interested in their friends than politics. I figured somebody was influencing her:

A SPOTLIGHT has been focused on Samantha Pawlucy, the teen who got grief for wearing a pink Romney/Ryan T-shirt to school – but Thursday it was her father’s turn under the lights.

A Philadelphia City Paper article published Thursday focused on Richard Pawlucy and his ties to a survivalist Facebook group, “Port Richmond Preparedness.”

The page was no longer on Facebook at midday Thursday, but the paper published a screen grab of the page that included Pawlucy’s opinions about memorials in his neighborhood and the purpose of Port Richmond Preparedness.

The group said its mission was “to keep our homes, and by proxy our neighborhood safe from any who may wish it harm. Our cache will include small arms, munitions, hordes, protective gear, reconnaissance equipment, combat rations, and field communications equipment.”

The group also will help seniors and “infirm” neighbors, while refraining from “thuggery” and “hooliganism.”

In a July 31 post, Pawlucy wrote about an improvised memorial service at Tulip and Cambria streets.

“The scum bags closed of [sic] the street with their cars, loud gangsta rap playing and filth surrounding them,” he wrote. “I never thought the other side of richmond would turn into this [expletive] hole. What gets me is that some people call it Multiculturalism and they live in this [expletive].”