3 thoughts on “Bloomberg to start Super PAC

  1. What the hell, odd man, one more won’t hurt. Besides, if it’s true about his three most urgent initiatives, then presumably he’ll be supporting Democratic candidates. Nothing to bitch about here.

  2. Well there’s no contesting his characterization of Romney’s and Obama’s answer to the assault weapons question. “Gibberish”! I’ll say.

  3. Stop and search. Bloomberg is clueless. He thinks that by allowing his cops to stop and search over 800,000 people over the past few years his city is a safer place to live. That’s correct 800 thousand citizens stoped and searched. The crime rate in New York City dropped 29% last year. In Los Angeles it dropped 58%. In Atlanta 37%. New York is way down the list of cities with decreasing crime rates. None of those cities stopped and searched 800,000 people. Or even close to 800,000 people. In Bloomberg’s fascist NYC only he feels free to shoot off his stupid, clueless mouth. Because he’s got more money than any moral human being should and no cop is going to stop and search him.

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