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  1. Yeah, that’s the way humanity is when crises happen – cold, selfish, looking out for themselves. It’s even worse when you look at our state government protecting the interests of the gas extraction industry:

    Under the leadership of PA DEP Secretary Krancer, DEP has betrayed the public trust. Since Krancer, appointed by the shale gas industry’s best friend in Pennsylvania, Governor Corbett, came into office, he has:
    •Publicly stated, “At the end of the day, my job is to do gas”
    •Directed DEP investigators to NOT issue “Notices of Violation” to shale gas drillers, even when an active leak or major violation is ongoing, unless or until that notice is approved by Harrisburg headquarters (a radical departure from procedure, which was quietly revoked after we howled in protest)
    •Managed to lose the data for hundreds of shale gas drilling wells
    •Approved permits for fracking so fast that some permits are looked at by DEP officials for as little as 35 minutes
    •And now this: “PA Rep Jesse White Challenges DEP Over Deceptive Marcellus Shale Water Testing Practices”
    While shale country residents have been calling for Krancer to be fired for years, we believe it is time to make that call openly. Secretary Krancer has made it clear: he will not protect, or even inform himself about, the health of Pennsylvania residents, shale gas industry workers, or the health of our environment.

    Secretary Krancer was not hired by the people of Pennsylvania to “do gas.” He was hired to protect our environment, protect our health, and to do so honestly. It’s not his job to fracture Pennsylvania into an export colony (19 export facilities in the U.S. are now applying to ship fracked gas overseas, where it is 15 times more expensive). It’s “beyond incompetent,” as PA Rep. Jesse White says, for PA DEP to withhold information from PA residents with fracking-fouled water. Read more: http://tinyurl.com/by98qou

    Rep. Jesse White’s statement includes the “how” of the DEP deception, filed as part of a lawsuit in the important Haney case:

    “According to the transcripts, which have been filed as exhibits in a related lawsuit in Washington County Court of Common Pleas (Haney et al. v. Range Resources et al., Case No. 2012-3534), the DEP lab would conduct water tests using an EPA-approved standard, but the DEP employee who requested the testing would use a specially designed ‘Suite Code’ which limits the information coming back from the DEP lab to the DEP field office, and ultimately to the property owner.

    The code in question, Suite Code 942, was used to test for water contamination associated with Marcellus Shale drilling activities, yet specifically screens out results for substances known to be hazardous and associated with Marcellus Shale drilling. Similar codes, Suite Code 943 and 946, are also used by the DEP in similar circumstances; both of these codes omit the presence or levels of drilling-related compounds.”

    As reported by Protecting Our Waters and later the New York Times, Stacey Haney, her young son and daughter all experienced terrible health impacts from shale gas drilling near them, as did their neighbors, the Voyles family. They became shale gas drilling refugees, forced out of their home after many of their animals died from the contamination.

    Rep. Jesse White commented, “This is beyond outrageous. Anyone who relied on the DEP for the truth about whether their water has been impacted by drilling activities has apparently been intentionally deprived of critical health and safety information by their own government…This goes beyond incompetence; this is unlawful and reprehensible activity by the DEP. If these allegations are true, there needs to be a thorough and objective investigation to determine if someone belongs in a jail cell.”

    See? This guy Krancer deliberately covered up anything that would lead to the fracking industry “looking bad” even if it kills people!
    This effects entire communities!

    i’m stunned at the level of depravity we’ve sunk to as a species but not surprised.

  2. Now, this is not to say EVERYONE is ALWAYS like these “neighbors” – i’m sure there were a LOT of heroics displayed during and now after the superstorm. It’s just that in general, we tend to sink to the lowest level of ME FIRST during any crisis and don’t want to leave our “comfort zone.”

    The only way this ship of state (actually any governmental body at any level) stays in power is by “bending the rules” so that it benefits those in charge or those spending or making large amounts of money. The “little” people – most of us – don’t count for much besides tax revenue and to be exploited at this point. i’m not being cynical here – this is the way it works now.

  3. Also, i saw recently that Corbett opened all state owned college land to these same extraction industries of gas and coal. Can you imagine?

  4. The bone deep racial ignorance that divides neighbors of the same class is just endlessly sad. My local paper contains a wire service quote from a white resident complaining that Sandy was just as bad for Staten Island as Katrina was for New Orleans and she just wants the same treatment that the residents of the Lower Ninth got. And when that’s exactly what she gets, she will proclaim FEMA racist.

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